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Redefine Self-Service With A Virtual Assistant

Interactions provides Virtual Assistant applications that significantly improve self-service for customer care.

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#Was extremely impressed with the [Interactions] call centre voice recognition,even understood my Scottish accent haha!

#[Interactions] automated system is smarter than a lot of people.

#[Interactions] automated phone operator is awesome. It understands full sentences!! A+++ for [Interactions].

#Wow. The [Interactions] automated system actually works!

#have you ever called [Interactions]? their automated voice thing is AMAZING!

#I’m an automated system that can handle complete sentences. [Interactions] support robot is smarter than many customer service humans.

#[Interactions] automated call-routing service is the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously! #customerservice #win

#The automated system for [Interactions] is so on point. I think all automated systems should run on [Interactions] software

#I probably did not need to say ‘you too’ when the automated [Interactions] voice wished me a good day.

#Omg, i wish all automated services were like the one from [Interactions]! They understand everything you say!

#After talking to [Interactions] automated system I’m convinced we will be taken over by robots

#Who makes the [Interactions] automated telephone voice recognition software? Scarily good!!

#[Interactions] automated support system sounds like a live human. #Crazy.

[Interactions] automated service asks some questions I’ve never heard other automated services ask before lol

#Just told the automated [Interactions] robot customer service thing to “have a nice day”

I like [Interactions] automated voice system…he’s soooo smart lol

#i think i might call [Interactions] more often just to marvel at their efficient automated operating system! amazing.

#The [Interactions] automated answering service is the most amazing automated phone service that I have ever experienced.

#I hate automated system’s but I must say [Interactions] made it very pleasant. #aheadofgame

#Blown away by the [Interactions] automated tech support. Damn close to talking to a real person. “He” emailed me an article to solve my problem!

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